The 10 Most Prestigious Events in Motorsport

We’ve been doing some cutting-edge scientific research here at Demon Tweeks recently. We used gas spectrum analysis, a medium-sized particle accelerator and laughed in the face of Newtonian physics to bring you a list of the ten most iconic events in the world of motorsport. We definitely didn’t just pass a list around the office and take votes… Anyway, below is our gift to the world of science in reverse numerical order. These ten events are so iconic that not only will fans travel thousands of miles to attend them, but they form part of the very fabric of motorsport itself. Enjoy.

10. Goodwood Festival of Speed


There are always a few rarities on track at Goodwood!

Where else are you likely to get close to this?

The Goodwood Festival of Speed’s organisers describe it as “the largest motoring garden party in the world”. Speedhunters talk about an event where there’s “that much on that even four days isn’t enough to take it all in”. Goodwood really does have it all – hillclimb, rally challenge, ‘moving motor show’, Formula 1 teams – if it’s motorsport related, you name it and it’s probably there. The thing that really stands the Festival of Speed apart from the rest of the motorsport crowd though is its relaxed atmosphere. Famous faces circulate throughout the day, rubbing shoulders with the fans. You can walk right up to cars that you’d never usually get within 50ft of at a normal event – as well as watching them run the track. Goodwood also has an element of classic English charm to it that recalls a bygone era of high-octane competition – something bolstered by the fact that it’s held in the grounds of a mahoosive country pile.

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